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we like tummies! ^.^


1) only post pictues that are yours or are used with permission - i'll want to see evidence of said permission

2)don't be an asshole. telling people that you think their self-image probelm is fake and being pushy about the fact that you think someone is 'sucking it in' does count.

3)Keep it clean. THIS IS NOT SHOW_YOUR_BOOBS so keep your tits covered, hussies. no parts from between either gender's legs are allowed. THIS INCLUDES USER ICONS. no butts. no pubes. Also, this isn't a community for panties. Stomachs generally start around your lower ribs in front and end around the top of the usual panty level. Not below your panties or above your boobs. Don't be surprised if your pracing-around-in-panties-while-showing-a-tiny-sideshot-of-your-belly gets deleted too.

4)if you're 17 or under, go play some videogames. I will delete your post.

5) do not encourage people who are breaking any of these rules or you too will be opening yourself to a community ban.

6)USE LJ-CUT. one moderately sized picture. before the cut and the rest must be behind it. thanks a bunch for complying with this. delete your post for not doing it. instead, i'll point you to this rule just in case you havnt seen it and if you reply refusing to edit your post or reply telling me to shove off, then i will delete your post.

7)Please only post photos here, instead of links to photos or a directory with photo links or a hotornot(or whatever) page with a picture on it. Thanks. Just to make that clear.. NO POSTING LINKS TO PICTURES OR PLACES WITH YOUR PICTURES.

8)Do not advertise other communities. There is a community for community promotion. It's called... *gasp*... communitypromo.

9)STAY ON TOPIC. The topic is: tummies.

I delete posts/comments and ban offenders without warning. E-mailing me to ask why/if about bans, deleted comments, or deleted posts might do you some good. Your best bet is to look over the rules. You can still watch the community. If I deleted a post/comment and you want to know why, and you don't get a reply back, commenting in my journal will actually *hamper* your quest. Don't do it. Also, putting 'why was my post deleted' posts in the community is considered off topic.

Heavy people and hairy tummies(guys and girls alike) are ENCOURAGED. Please DO NOT let the fact that the majority of the tummies here are thin discourage you. Feel free to change that by gathering up all of the not-stick people you know and have a tummy picture party!! WE LIKE PLUMP AND HAIR COVERED TUMMIES!!

I'm really NOT as big of an asshole as I seem here. Really. I'm just VERY impatient with people who don't read/respect the rules of the community.

e-mail: sraedi at hot mail dot com

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